About the Author
R. H. Pfeiffer was born in Fort Scott, Kansas in 1950s. “Trail of the Warrior” is his third book, and his first published work; his earlier works include the manuscripts “Love Against Love” and “Candles Fire and Flame.”

The story in Trail of the Warrior was written over the past three years and is based on a fictional blend of his life, friends, and colleagues.

The core concept of Trail of the Warrior is a stream of consciousness from R.H.’s life in recovery and service from the last forty-two years. Written with the inspiration of a dog, the seeking of a restless soul for a higher power, and the love and support of colleagues.

As a storyteller R.H. believes the highest level of truths are the lessons our lives express by the heart to each other as human spirits. We are the most powerful when we have a teaching that captures our voice as it heals.

This book is that voice that illuminates the trail of a Warrior.